• annashine 1 month ago

    I am doing cosplays on topless anime characters ?? Now I have cosplayed on Mikasa?? rate me boys – annashine%2etk ??

  • BigAppleDick 1 month ago

    I dont like it for the porn, i like it because thats the way womans have to life, this is what they’re deserve, nothing more.
    Womans have so live for her MENS, they are just objects to fuck, cock and Clean.
    And if they wont, just rape then, its ok, because its natural.

    • Don’t go looking for one but always be ready for a fight because the bad, ugly, and evil doesn’t care. 1 month ago

      There are just some people in this world who are creepy worthless evil pieces of shit like this person.

      That’s why you stay strong, armed and ready, and keep your loved ones close against vile human scum like this. They’ll attack and violate your right to be free from violence, aggression, abuse, harassment, tyranny, force, persecution and annihilation.

      This punk will get what’s coming to him and it won’t be pretty. Whether it’s here on earth or in the afterlife. His ass is gonna be screaming and crying for letting his demons win. And that torment won’t be anyone else’s fault but his own. He made his choices and he fucked up.

      Your not a man. Your a monster. Because a real man respects and protects his women, family, and his people from monsters like you. Such a waste of human blood. Pathetic.

      • Shorty McLongshort 1 month ago

        Shut the fuck up!
        HE’s right, womans are just rape-objects and i wish that you are Olga in this awesome hentai!
        God of this are you and i’m one of these guys, i will fuck you in your ass till you bleed and be broken like them and scream: YES DADDY, MORE!! FUCK MY STUPID ASS I’M A BITCH!!
        Every woman must be raped like them,
        How Bigappledick said: its natural,,,

      • Anonymous 3 weeks ago

        Wow never thought I’d find something wise being said here. lol I was just cruising through the site but this is truth. That other idiot is wrong. A real despicable piece of shit. Needs his ass kicked and a bullet to the head

    • Streert 2 weeks ago


      • Circle Back 2 weeks ago

        more like a rapist sexist psychotic perverted bastard

      • Anonymous 1 week ago

        Boo and hoo,
        He’s not wrong with everthing,
        Just a reminder, why are you watching this if you won’t jerk of this fantastic rape scene?

    • Jule Boldt 1 week ago

      LOL, i want that too, both of them,
      I like it to get gangbanged, this looks funny!!
      I fingered myself for 12 Times and i love the sperm explosions, i laugh everytime I’m watching this.

      • Sabine Lohfink 1 week ago

        I know what you mean,
        My boyfriend fucked my ass when we watched it for the first time and i feelt the shot in my ass,
        After i licked all out my own ass he screamt: Clean my dick!
        The second shot in my mouth give me the rest, it was amazing and every time i watch this piece of heaven, i fingered my pussy and ass!
        Hope every woman can have this feeling to someday!!

    • How not to get women with self-respect 4 days ago

      this sexist rapist scumbag targets women who are easy prey. doesn’t like family’s, doesn’t like it when the father or male protector is around, and doesn’t like it when females can defend themselves with guns

      • Jule Boldt 4 days ago

        I’m so horny right know,
        I want that 12 niggers break my milky white pussy and ass!

      • Nobody/everybody 4 days ago

        The funny thing is, that WE can be everybody in the world, maybe a guy from japan or russia, a teen from europe, your brother, teacher, a Cop. So go to sleep and one day, we found you and than you are Olga!

  • Rape is the best genre! Nothing else is more natural then our instincts of wanting to procreate in anyway possible.

    • Consent is the best genre! 1 month ago

      And nothing is more natural or more human than our instincts of wanting to protect ourselves or others in anyway possible against pieces of shit scumbags like you.

  • pokemonking4life is a pedophile 2 months ago

    i can’t believe the women who voice act this shit. if those women didn’t, this shit would be less common.

    • Oh boy hoo. Cry me a river you big fucking baby. Work is work nothing you cry about will change that.

  • Lmao faggots stop crying

  • Worst hentai ever… I’m sorry anyone like this trash

    • Pedofilths deserve jail then hell 2 months ago

      I’m not sorry. They’re fucked up in the head and it’s all their fault. Similar to people who like nazism, communism, or satanism.

      • Anonymous 2 months ago

        okay i agreed with you but socialism is fucked up too. i mean look at venezuela or cuba or argentina and just about all of latin america not to mention africa. it turns your nation into a 3rd country not good

        • Anonymous 1 month ago

          especially if another country is highly responsible for it amirite

    • Apple 2 months ago

      It’s popular for a reason. Stop being a sensitive faggot anon.

  • Bugeech 3 months ago

    Hottest fantasy I’ve seen since Princess Knight Catue. And that is saying a lot. One of my top five.

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