• Andou Hiroyuki 1 week ago

    God Damn! That blonde bitch needs a hentai that’s all about her.

    A pure fucking goddess with big ass titties, a sexy thick n slim body, legs spreaded to show her wet warm tight pussy hole, and a pretty ass face with a mouth hungry to suck cock! lol

  • Anonymous 1 month ago

    best hentai ever. imagine suomi sensei peeling back your foreskin for the first time and taking your virginity. they should make a sequel to this. want to see more of suomi sensei in other contexts. white hair one deserved dp too

    • Cancer is mother nature's crime. Circumcision is mankind's crime. 3 weeks ago

      i don’t know that feel. my mother let some doctor cut mine foreskin off. never spoken to her since i find that out and saw it done to infants. she wasn’t sorry about it and the videos are traumatizing.

      it’s like a form of child molestation and torture that makes boys more likely to attack themselves because they were attacked and not protected esp. by there father therefore making the little boy less likely to protect themselves and their family as adults so criminals can prey of them and/or they’re family.

      jews the one thing i thought a nazi would do to dehumanize humans but a lot of them were commies. and im not even a jew.

      genital mutilation is evil and not necessary. even if it was, it’s only fair to somehow cut up baby girls too so they don’t get breast cancer. that’s way more common then getting it down below.

      but we all would rather have cancer because at least then you can fight back and get treatments to ease or eliminate any pain and hopefully kill the cancer. also washing downstairs is easy. a little more time than without it but we were born with it, it help protects it, and makes sex better for both parties. that’s the price men pay to have safe sex. women get periods, can get pregnant and give birth and that can be a little more painful than taking the time clean yourself up boys and men.

  • YGOTAS 2 months ago

    if a teacher like that blonde chick was around my school, id always show up to school everyday and on time

  • Alice 5 months ago

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