• Alice 6 months ago

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  • Anonymous 6 months ago

    Ew cheating. I may be a degenerate but i have standards

  • Julie25 1 year ago

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  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    can people calm down about the pubic hair lmao its just pubes we all got them at some point

  • Raymond 1 year ago

    That big heavyset guy was the smartest kid in school and he decided to tutor that spray tanned gal and have her graduate high school to get into college. There are some big dudes in anime/hentai that aren’t creepy ugly fat pedophiles like most of them are. They are what I call gentle giants. Ones who have a soul.

    • Jenna J. Foxx 1 year ago

      You sound like a twat. He stole another mans girl, got pussy, creampied her and did it all under cuntsent. See episode 2 for them cream pies though.

      • Anonymous 3 months ago

        You’re retarded! her so called boyfriend wasn’t dating her out of love but so she could strive to do better in school. The teacher ditched her since he already had a wife and my man consoled and incidentally confessed. Next thing you know she realises that he cares more and then they became a couple.

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