• Sexdemon 8 months ago

    I’m so glad that they finally made us episode 3 I thought they started to upload new videos now

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    I wonder if i missed the paizuri part

  • Raymond 8 months ago

    Glad Yuichi and Nol decided to put a stop to Delva and the Dark Elves attacking the Elf Village. They made Delva surrender and held Elda captive. Both dark elves were thirsty for Yuichi’s big fat dick. And I wonder if Yuichi can survive having hybrid elf children and so many baby’s mamas.

  • Tags Mirza 8 months ago

    THERE IS A G0D !!!!!!!!

    • The Amazing James Randi 8 months ago

      No there isn’t! God would never allow the red hair girl to be a child. She’d be a top notch woman 24/7!

  • Anonymous 8 months ago

    Episode four in august is gonna be even sweeter! :P

    • Perky Mushroom 8 months ago

      Yeah but I still can’t believe over two years believing that there’s only 2 there’s we’re supposed to be 4.

  • Teardrops 8 months ago

    Hurray!!! Finally a pure hentai elf scene with no rape, tentacles, old man, fat ass, or hideous bastards!!!!

  • A third one?

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